How might we create a collection of shirts that, with all it's closures, only consists of one material?

Problem: closures on garments are made of several materials as the garment cannot be recycled before it has been disassembled. We want to make clothes consisting of only one material, so that it is easier to recycle, dispose or compost at the end of use. That means the material has to consist of only one natural fibre. Function and aesthetics are the keywords for our collection. We want our styles to be good alternatives to the classic shirt closures as we know them.
Stylish, updated, city oriented, detail oriented, quality and consumer awareness, medium-high income.
Final collection​​​​​​​
From left to right: The wrap around, the invisible knot, the bar, the tie, the square.
The chosen fabric
The fabric we have chosen, is a pima cotton poplin that consists of long, hard spun fibres, making the fabric long lasting and dirt repellent. Therefore less machine washing is necessary, and by that the environment is less harmed. The stiffness of the poplin makes it the most suitable for our closing techniques and as it is a classic shirt-fabric, it is also the most attractive to our target group.
Life cycle
Made in collaboration with Karoline Heide, Benjamin Rask and Marie Due