How might we create bags, that doesn't take up as much space at home?

In collaboration with to other designers (Alex Geal and Fia-Maria Nilsson), I created a bag collection for the young person living in a small city apartment. Our persona wants to have a functional and good looking bag, without worrying about it taking up to much space at home, at the hotel or at any destination in life. 
Our inspiration came from origami and classic paper bags, and their ability to go from 2D to 3D and back.
The collection consists of 3 bags - a passport holder/wallet, a shoulder bag and a backpack. Below you see the first samples of the finished patterns in paper, and how to fold them.
To create the foldable shape, we made the bags from thin calfskin and lined it with wooden panels that we  laser cut. 
The finished prototypes
Final poster
Project was made in collaboration with Billund Airport and Ecco Accessories